Lowell European-Style Yogurts, a creamy spoonful of healthy indulgence.

Lowell International Foods
Corporate Backgrounder

Lowell International Foods is a premium specialty food importer and producer. Led by entrepreneur Conrad J. Lowell, the family-owned company recently launched its flagship line of Lowell European Classic™ Yogurts. They come in three versions: non-fat, whole milk and Multi Grain™, which are made with whole milk and whole grains. These healthful European-style yogurts bring creamy texture and natural fruit intensity to the American consumer.

Headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, the company markets 2,500 top quality products from Europe and sells 300 products under its Lowell label. The company’s business philosophy is to exclusively market and produce “best of category” items. In addition, for products under the Lowell label, Conrad collaborates closely with producers to create products that meet his exacting specifications and seeks out the finest raw materials as ingredients.

The company imports a wide array of premium specialty food products from Poland. It also carries products from Germany, the U.K., Austria, Switzerland and Canada. Its herring fillets grace the tables of the top restaurants in the U.K. and Germany and its unique and popular probiotic cheese has defied imitation. Other items include smoked meats, preserves, baked goods, condiments and sweets.

Lowell International Foods is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lowell International Co., which imports 250 Polish-language magazines and 2,500 beauty items from Italy and Poland.